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Zoë Guanlan at the bird market


Zoë Guanlan helping out in the village, 2010


About Us


In April 2000 the Seeberg family visited the historic capital of China, Xi’an in Shaanxi Province, for Dr. Seeberg to address a conference on girls’ education. While there, two colleagues at Shaanxi Normal University (SNU), happened to mention a scholarship project furthering girls’ education in poor rural villages.   The professors described the effect the scholarships had not only on the girls but the whole village. They talked about how the girls’ inspiring example brings a newfound respect for girls as “little scholars” and spreads hope as the families look to them to provide for their future. Out of that discussion was born

The Guanlan Scholarship Foundation


Dr. Seeberg, Sept. 29, 2004 with  four of six students who have made it through the “junior high school gate”. These eager, 14 year- old students,  two years later, in 2006, successfully jumped the “senior high school gate”.

Dr. Seeberg, Zoë and several Guanlan sisters and their families in the village of An Jing Gou, July 2010.