Help Change the Course of a Life

By providing a donation or letting our mission be known, you can help support a Guanlan Sister's education for many years that will allow them a path to a hopeful future.

The Donation Breakdown

Elementary Guanlan Sisters

US $75 toward her school fees in 6 years of tuition-free compulsory primary school.

US $30 as a nutrition supplement for select undocumented Guanlan Sisters.

Middle School Guanlan Sisters

US $75 towards the school and boarding fees in middle school.

High School Guanlan Sisters

US $150 - $450 plus on a needs-based sliding scale toward private tuition in post-compulsory high school which may cost

Artwork Exhibit and Sale

To Purchase Artwork Prints

1. To order a print of one of the artworks below send an email to with artwork number, size of print, and shipping address.

Small Print: 11" x 15" for $30 donation | Large Print: 15" x 20" for $50 donation

*All prints will be mounted on a foam back.

2. Make the donation to the Guanlan Scholarship Foundation