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Guanlan Sisters’ Artwork: Let Girls Learn and Play!

Please visit our webpage https://guanlanscholarshipfoundation.org/art-exhibit/ and enjoy the imaginative,  colorful, original well-done artworks that our Guanlan Sisters created. You will find a link where you acquire artwork for a donation.

The works were created at the after school drop-in program hosted by our partner NGO in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China. 

There, local university art students come to help the kids express themselves in paint, glue and construction paper, linoleum cuts, or wood prints. Sometimes they dedicate their pictures to their parents with loving wishes for a Happy New Year. 

You might ask, how does educating girls change the world? Educated girls change the world! Empowered by education, girls better protect themselves and have better health; they don’t get married off as early and they participate in choosing a husband, later they raise healthier children. When girls learn how to play, they are happier and better at solving problems!

What’s not to love ❤

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