Guanlan Scholarship Foundation

Educate a girl today and she will create lasting change.
One girl, one village, many generations.

Providing Scholarships to Village Girls in China since 2000.

Our Goals and Purpose

Guanlan Scholarship Foundation is committed …
To award scholarships for K-12 schooling to village girls in remote China when their families can’t provide so they may change their life prospects and flourish .
To change a culture of restrictions on girls to complete an education which may contribute to their empowerment.
To guarantee Scholarship recipients funds that cover at least half of the required school fees or post-compulsory school tuition.
To work with our local partner NGO in conducting annual family visits to qualify new Scholarship recipients
To curate information on the progress of the scholarship participants annually and produce reports of impact.

"I saw father and mother suffer such hardship and wither away over time, while mother kept saying, ‘dad and I can bear more hardship and exhaustion, but … we still can’t pay your school fees.’ At this moment, when I thought I would have to drop out of school, the village received the news of your gift, Guanlan Mama. You can’t imagine how happy I was to hear that you would support our and my schooling. We won’t let you down.”

Excerpt from Guanlan Sister's letter

Guanlan Sisters' Stories

Schooling has provided the girls with identity, legitimacy, visibility, and respect in the eyes of their families and villagers.
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Dang Yang

Meet Dang Yang who, with the help of the Scholarship, graduated from Senior secondary school and got admitted for college majoring in nursing…
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Jing He

Jing He’s family's lives in extreme poverty. Her parents are illiterate small farmers. Her mother has a mental illness, her brother is blind, and her father does unskilled migrant labor which barely supports the family…
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Yu Yan

Yu Yan lives with her grandparents in their old mud brick house on a remote mountain top in Anjinggou far away from her Junior secondary school…
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Our Work

Guanlan Scholarship Foundation’s Impact

Educate a girl today and she will create lasting change. One girl. One village. Many generations.


Guanlan Sisters have received an education since 2000

92% increase

in the Guanlan Sisters staying in school beyond compulsory education.

89% increase

in the Graduation Rate of Guanlan Sisters from Senior Secondary School

59% increase

in the Tertiary Enrollment Rate of Guanlan Sisters

Help Change the Course of a Life


We value any donation no matter how small or large, anything will help and is very welcome.

What will your donation do?


Nutrition supplement special occasions


for 1 year of Primary School


for 1 year of Junior Secondary School fees


for 1 year of Senior Secondary School tuition

About Us


From left to right: Pang Baoliang, founder of Shaanxi Benevolent Children’s Service Ctr, Vilma Seeberg, founder of Guanlan Scholarship Foundation, Shi Sendan, co-founder of SBCSC, Li Yu, coordinator of GSF, 2018-2020

How can you help?

There are many ways you can help support GSF’s mission of providing education to village girls in China.


Give hope for generations and donate to support education.
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Purchase Art

All proceeds will help fund the education of current Guanlan Sisters and the ones to come.
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Contribute and join volunteering teams in GSF.
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Guanlan Sisters Video

Guanlan’s Sisters: A Family Journal is the story of an American family’s efforts to help poor young girls in rural China break the cycle of poverty by getting an education.

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