Guanlan Scholarship Foundation

Educate a girl today and she will create lasting change. One girl, one village, many generations

Providing scholarships to the daughters of remote villages in China to go to school – Since 2000

Our Impact

Over the course of our first 22 years, the Scholarship has enabled 143 Guanlan Sisters to return to and pursue the education they need to transform their own and their families’ lives, to live a life of relative safety and contribute to progress of their whole community.

The schooling has provided the girls with identity, legitimacy, visibility, and respect in the eyes of their families and villagers.

One Guanlan Sister wrote after receiving the Scholarship in its first year,

“I saw father and mother suffer such hardship and wither away over time, while mother kept saying, ‘dad and I can bear more hardship and exhaustion, but … we still can’t pay your school fees.’ At this moment, when I thought I would have to drop out of school, the village received the news of your gift, Guanlan Mama. You can’t imagine how happy I was to hear that you would support our and my schooling. We won’t let you down.”

Our History

Started over 20 years ago, learn more about how a professor and her family started GSF

Our Recipients

The 2nd generation of Guanlan Sisters are now beginning school! Learn how they are doing

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Guanlan’s Sisters: A Family Journal –  Documentary

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