What We Do

To provide scholarships every year that enable the daughters of one village to: empower themselves through schooling, to break the cycle of absolute poverty and deprivation, to pursue their dreams in safety, and become independent, confident women who will flourish and make a positive difference for their community, while raising the prospects of future generations.

meet jing he

Jing He’s (pseudonym) family's lives in extreme poverty.

Her parents are illiterate small farmers. Her mother has a mental disability, her brother is blind, and her father does unskilled migrant labor which barely supports his family. In addition, her grandmother’s recent illness and surgery threw the family into severe medical debt.

They live in a small room in the “urban village” in Xi’an, where Jing now attends grade 3 in a primary school for migrant children.

Her smile shows her gratitude for the Scholarship. She studies very hard and her calligraphy is very neat and beautiful.

Her dream is to become a teacher in the future.

dang yang's story

Dang Yang (pseudonym) comes from a family of seven people her mother has a mental and her father a physical disability but is the only earner in the whole family.
With the help of the Scholarship, Dang graduated from Senior Secondary school and in 2018 was admitted to college majoring in nursing. Here is an excerpt from her annual letter,

"College has given me the space to show myself and a platform to pursue my dream. Without your help, I wouldn’t have had the chance to experience this wonderful university life I wouldn’t have gotten this professional higher education.
Thank you for your help, you gave me hope for getting an education. My desire for learning was like an eagle with broken wings. It is your arrival that gave me the wings to fly and grow in the ocean of knowledge. I will repay you with my achievements, live up to your expectations, and be a useful person for the society. ​
Now I have the courage to face challenges, face setbacks, be a real person and a strong person in life. We may encounter some twists and turns, some difficulties and some hard times, but as long as we persevere and stay firm in our resolve, we will blossom all the way to the other side of success.”

Meet Yu Yuan

Yu Yan (pseudonym) lives with her grandparents in their old mud and brick house on a remote mountain top in Anjinggou far away from her Junior Secondary school. Her family is extremely poor. She, her mother and grandmother have a mental disability. Ten years ago, her father took her disabled mother with him to the city to work, and they haven’t been heard from since, leaving his young daughter with her disabled grandparents to fend for themselves in the mountains.

Yu Yan dropped out of school for a few years to help her grandparents with the farmstead and housework.

Encouraged by Pang Jian and with receipt of the Scholarship, she went back to school and this past year entered Junior Secondary school in town.

shan dangdang's story

Shan Dangdang (pseudonym) was given away as a young girl to a man with a mental illness to keep house for him and his father.

Her birth grandmother had died very early, her grandfather had been old, frail and sick, and her parents had abandoned them and her.

Since 2013 Dangdang was enrolled in the Guanlan Scholarship, and every year Pang Baoliang had to persuade the two older men to let her continue her studies.

In 2017, she finished the coursework in a vocational-technical high school also in preschool education in Shangluo.

March 2018, she started her internship in a local, non-public kindergarten.

Do you recognize her standing confident as a young teacher before kids also from nearby villages? She with our combined help has changed her destiny.

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