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You can help support a Guanlan Sister's education that will enable her to forge a path to a brighter future. Join us as a donor and/or volunteer!

Help Change the Course of a Life

We value any donation no matter how small or large, anything will help and is very welcome.


Nutrition supplement for selected undocumented Guanlan sisters


School fees in 6 years of tuition-free compulsory primary school


Boarding fees in a junior secondary school

$150- 450

Tuition for

post-compulsory private senior secondary school

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Chinese-English Translator

Translate letters from the Guanlan Sisters that they wrote to Guanlan Mama telling about their lives. Or translate English penpal letters and other documents to Chinese.


Become a penpal to a Guanlan Sister asking about their lives and what they enjoy, how their schooling is going and tell something about yourself; we will translate into Chinese if necessary.

More Volunteering Opportunities

Joing a Team of volunteers working on website development, social media updates, the data analysis team, the copy writing and blogging team , or make a suggestion. opportunities upi can sign up for below, or explore on VolunteerMatch, or let us know how you can help the Guanlan Sisters with their education by signing up below

Artwork made by the Guanlan Sisters' available on the Art Exhibit Page